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Back to school

We are delighted to warmly welcome back our lovely students to the school, the academic year 2022 - 2023. Ecole Saint Joseph has been getting ready to make sure you come back and get excited to pursue your primary studies in comfortable environments including new tools and strategies to make you achieve your dreams, be more competent, and make your parents as well as the country proud. 

New books are available, and teachers have been trained with innovative skills to better serve your children, the school classes were painted to boost children's learning mood. Parents are also encouraged to help us follow up with children after classes and help them with daily homework as well as partner with teachers to help children be more competent and practice what they are learning from school. The school provides a number of academic tours and other learning opportunities and we will keep you informed about our upcoming activities. 

Looking forward to seeing you shine with us and perform well in your studies.