2022 - 2023 School Fees and Requirements


We welcome all pupils to our school except in P6. Here are the requirements for admission at Ecole Primaire Saint Joseph. You will find here the registration form. For the admission in P1, we admit a child who has completed the nursery school at the age of 6 years or will have completed it at the beginning of the school year. The registration happens before the academic year starts, and the dates are usually communicated


  • Birth certificate.
  • A copy of health insurance.
  • Two passport photos.
  • A copy of the current school report.
  • Copy of the parents or guardians ID.
  • Ten thousand of registration fees

Registration fees deposited in any of Our below Bank Accounts:

  • I&M: 20023840001 E.P St Joseph.
  • GT BANK: 211-203000-1-5100-0 E.P St Joseph.
  • COGEBANQUE: 0130-1001021-84 E.P St Joseph.

To be admitted to P1, the child must have at least 6 years at the beginning of the new school year.

From P2 to P5, the children pass the admission test which is communicated by the school authorities before the academic year starts.

End of year reports are brought to school administration. The admission tests are scheduled after the completion of the school year.